#8 Spectrum Finance UPDs: Cardano Testnet, Yield Farming, UI refresh

We have accomplished a lot this week. We’ve released the Spectrum Finance Airdrop API! This means that users of our DEX can find out how many SPF tokens they will receive at the time of its release. Please note this is still a work in progress and subject to changes as needed to ensure a fair distribution.

We are still working on the Cardano testnet, we understand that delays can be frustrating for everyone, most of all us! Private testing is almost complete and we are fixing some issues that were found. Once that is complete we will open it up to everyone to try and break it!

We have had a lot of questions about Yield Farming support so we also mentioned this topic in our updates. It is important to note that our CTO is personally involved in the development. The contracts are now finalised and we just have to finish adding support to the SDK.

🌐 Spectrum Network

  • Finished NetworkController implementation;
  • Writing tests for Networking Layer (WIP).

🔁 Spectrum Finance

💎 Core

🛠 Backend

  • Prepared backend for Cardano public testnet.

🎨 Frontend

  • Updated the swap UI to show important information like price impact at all times;
  • Full swap UI redesign. Border radius, border colors and more;
  • Added NuFi wallet support to Cardano side of the DEX.

🐞 Bugs fixed

  • Fixed redirect on redeem page (now there is a redirect after you redeem all LP tokens so that there is no swap from 0 tokens).

By the way. October 26th at 20:00 UTC there will be an AMA session with funded projects of Catalyst F9! Check out our Twitter and join us!





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