ErgoDEX technical update #2

13 Dec 2021 — 20 Dec 2021

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2 min readDec 20, 2021


This week has been fruitful and eventful. The main efforts are focused on the development of the Cardano part, namely the implementation of the Cardano SDK. We also updated the interface a bit and added a new article to the documentation. But first things first:

User interface


  • Revived Brave support. Now you can use the Yoroi Nightly wallet in the Brave browser;
  • Added TVL and Volume 24H metrics to the header;
  • Refactored math logic in the whole app;
  • Implemented custom form validation functionality with high performance inside.



Updated documentation with “Setup off-chain bots” guide for the Ergo network. Run execution bots on your local machine to support the ErgoDEX project and earn execution fees!

Read the guide

Backend and Smart Contracts

The backend team was focusing on protocol analytics services. We implemented TVL and Volume protocol metrics. Also, we added analytics according to each pool in the protocol. Fees, TVL, Volume 24H and predicted yearly fees yield based on current prices!

Markets Index

  • Pool Snapshot tracker;
  • Orders Execution tracker;
  • Fiat Rates Repository — allows querying ERG/USD prices from Ergo Oracles.

Analytics Backend

  • ErgoDEX Analytics APIv1
  • Universal price converters — allows calculating various metrics all over the DEX in fiat currencies such as USD.
  • Markets Registry — allows querying existing markets on ErgoDEX
  • Fiat Rates Repository — allows querying ERG/USD price from Ergo Oracles
  • Analytic queries (SQL)
  • Fiat Rates caching
  • Dependencies update

Execution Bots (Ergo side)


Small update for this repo: Version update. We started testing the pipeline in an updated environment.


  • Some fixes and updates for CI/CD: build directories, experiments with splitting variables by environments;
  • Sentry (bug tracking system) for production instance;
  • We set up Slack integration with GitHub, Asana and Senty to gather all important notifications in one place.

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