ErgoDEX technical update #4

Since our last update, we have been working hard to improve the experience of ErgoDEX on the Ergo blockchain and also prepare for the launch on the Cardano testnet. Below are the highlights of what we have done, but this is by no means an extensive list as that would be too much for anyone!

First lets begin with a general update on the Cardano launch works. We decided to re-write our contracts to Plutarch (Kinda ASM for Plutus). Regular Plutus compiler generates inefficient code that some of our operations don’t fit into TX Ex-budget limits. This work is still currently ongoing but we are making good progress!

User interface


  • Added anetaBTC token $NETA to ErgoDEX
  • Added ErgoPAD token $ErgoPAD to ErgoDEX
  • Added liquidity locking feature to ErgoDEX. This can be used for new projects to hold an IDO, and lock a % of their liquidity for a certain period of time. This gives users confidence in the project
  • Updated swap configuration page with new slippage options
  • Sort feature added to recent transaction page
  • Updated scroll bar on UI pool position navigation
  • Added MAX button to add liquidity page
  • Added APR calculation analytics to the pool position page
  • Added support for Yoroi, removing the need for Yoroi Nightly
  • Added support for Nautilus wallet on connect wallet page
  • Added support to connect and disconnect between different wallets
  • Lots of code refactoring and also some general bug fixes



  • Updated docs to include a quick start guide for Nautilus wallet
  • Added an Analytics page that describes all analytics available on ErgoDEX. For example, TVL, APR and Volume
  • Updated docs to remove Yoroi Nightly mentions as regular Yoroi is now available
  • Added swap, and liquidity and redeem tutorials

Ergo Network Smart Contracts and Backend

  • Stable pools implementation in ErgoScript
  • Updated ergo-sdk-js
  • TxAssembler fixed in ergo-sdk-js
  • Slippage prediction API
  • CMC compliant API in ErgoDEX Analytics
  • Price Charts API
  • AMM Backlog with Fee Auctions

Execution Bots (Ergo)


  • Completely updated Offchain bots to include mempool scanning. This greatly increases decentralization as everyone will have a fair chance to get transactions. This was a major change and required too many code updates to list here. See the GitHub PR if interested!

Cardano Network Smart Contracts and Backend

  • Update all contracts for new plutus version by Nix
  • Update sdk, backend for new plutus version
  • Tested new plutus fee calculation
  • Complete sdk migration to new plutus
  • Transaction balancing rework using node CLI instead of Plutus API

Execution Bots (Cardano)


  • UTXO tracker updated
  • Pool resolver updated
  • General bug fixes and improvements


  • Working on cross-chain architecture of ErgoDEX
  • Stable Pools research



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