ErgoDEX technical update #4

11 Jan 2022 –23 Feb 2022

User interface


  • Added anetaBTC token $NETA to ErgoDEX
  • Added ErgoPAD token $ErgoPAD to ErgoDEX
  • Added liquidity locking feature to ErgoDEX. This can be used for new projects to hold an IDO, and lock a % of their liquidity for a certain period of time. This gives users confidence in the project
  • Updated swap configuration page with new slippage options
  • Sort feature added to recent transaction page
  • Updated scroll bar on UI pool position navigation
  • Added MAX button to add liquidity page
  • Added APR calculation analytics to the pool position page
  • Added support for Yoroi, removing the need for Yoroi Nightly
  • Added support for Nautilus wallet on connect wallet page
  • Added support to connect and disconnect between different wallets
  • Lots of code refactoring and also some general bug fixes



  • Updated docs to include a quick start guide for Nautilus wallet
  • Added an Analytics page that describes all analytics available on ErgoDEX. For example, TVL, APR and Volume
  • Updated docs to remove Yoroi Nightly mentions as regular Yoroi is now available
  • Added swap, and liquidity and redeem tutorials

Ergo Network Smart Contracts and Backend

  • Stable pools implementation in ErgoScript
  • Updated ergo-sdk-js
  • TxAssembler fixed in ergo-sdk-js
  • Slippage prediction API
  • CMC compliant API in ErgoDEX Analytics
  • Price Charts API
  • AMM Backlog with Fee Auctions

Execution Bots (Ergo)


  • Completely updated Offchain bots to include mempool scanning. This greatly increases decentralization as everyone will have a fair chance to get transactions. This was a major change and required too many code updates to list here. See the GitHub PR if interested!

Cardano Network Smart Contracts and Backend

  • Update all contracts for new plutus version by Nix
  • Update sdk, backend for new plutus version
  • Tested new plutus fee calculation
  • Complete sdk migration to new plutus
  • Transaction balancing rework using node CLI instead of Plutus API

Execution Bots (Cardano)


  • UTXO tracker updated
  • Pool resolver updated
  • General bug fixes and improvements


  • Working on cross-chain architecture of ErgoDEX
  • Stable Pools research



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