ErgoPOS — bringing blockchain closer to the real world

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2 min readAug 8, 2022


The project became a member of our accelerator together with ErgoPad. ErgoPos is an innovative blockchain payment solution that consists of a hardware POS terminal and software. It conveniently integrates blockchain payments into the real business world.

Why is this project worth your attention?

The introduction of cryptocurrency payments into everyday life is an extremely topical issue. Existing solutions fail to provide a truly convenient way to blur the line between crypto economics and the real world.

The mission of ErgoPOS is to improve the Ergo blockchain ecosystem through the development and implementation of cryptocurrency payments. The value of the project lies in predicting the need for POS terminals in the future. Cryptocurrencies are actively penetrating into everyday life and the ErgoPOS project is able to accelerate their adaptation and simplify this process.

By the end of 2022 ErgoPOS schedules to integrate other blockchains like Cardano and BSC.

ErgoPOS includes:

- Cash system

Allows you to manage customer and product data, print receipts, and maintains the tax code and tax rate of different countries.

- Ergo Payment system

Accepts ERG, SigUSD, as well as popular cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

- Ecosystem

The platform and API makes possible crypto payments for local services such as utilities, insurance, telecom, etc.

- Terminal

Equipped with an android system, as well as the function of a thermal printer and a QR code scanner.

How ErgoPos was born:

The project team are experts in this area and have extensive experience in the development of financial and management products. The Ergo blockchain has become the most convenient and potentially advanced for the implementation of all product ideas, therefore it was chosen as the basis.

The key idea underlying the project is to bypass the banking system and build an independent one, as the strict requirements of regulators do not allow implementing similar projects in life.

Summing up

The ErgoDEX team is glad that such an outstanding and promising project exists and will be happy to help bring it to life in various ways. Projects like ErgoPOS can greatly develop the existing Ergo ecosystem and help it reach a new level.

Learn more about ErgoPOS:
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