How We Temporarily Replaced Our Community Manager With ChatGPT

Hello, this is the Spectrum Finance team! If you haven’t heard of us yet, we’ll briefly tell you who we’re. We already have a ready DEX on the Ergo blockchain and plan to launch a mainnet on Cardano soon. We’re also developing the Spectrum Network. This is a multi-chain network that provides interoperability for DeFi from the box. It’s designed to enable cross-chain swaps of native assets without wrapping.

We talk about our developments on social media, where we share updates, plans and the latest news. A very important member of our team there is our Community Manager Gary Waugh (better known as Gazza). He answers questions, clarifies details and helps interested users understand the features of our platform.

The essence of our experiment

Knowing the benefits of ChatGPT, we decided to conduct an experiment and came up with an event where our community manager was replaced by a neural network for half a day.

We posted this announcement on our Twitter

We wanted to find out how empathetically and accurately ChatGPT could answer users’ questions and how likely it was that the neural network could do the job better than Gazza.

How we did it

We announced the event on our social networks and encouraged users to prepare questions. Since it didn’t make sense to create a full-fledged bot for a one-time event, we went the primitive route and asked Gazza to temporarily change his name to GazzaGPT. During the event, he also answered questions from the community, but he didn’t write his own answers, instead he used what the neural network had generated.

Since ChatGPT’s knowledge base is limited to 2021, he doesn’t know anything about our product and if you ask questions about the company, he can’t provide relevant and reliable information.

We have solved this problem in a very simple way: In a dialog box with ChatGPT, we uploaded most of the information about our project, information about the team and recent developments. Then we asked ChatGPT to answer questions from the community based on this information. Garry copied these questions into the chat, and the answer was pasted from the GazzaGPT account.

What we got

We ended up with an interesting event! We thought that our community manager could rest, but in the end he had to work even harder because there were so many questions. Of course, if we had prepared a full-fledged bot, this problem would have been solved.

The chat often provided dry and not always accurate information, so sometimes we asked him to answer in a humorous and not very detailed way. You can see the entire Q&A thread here: (

The Spectrum Finance community was excited about the event, but in the end the community was glad to have the real Gazza back, because his experience and charisma are still irreplaceable. And we agree with that wholeheartedly.


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Spectrum Finance is an open source cross-chain DEX

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