Spectrum Finance Updates: Active YF Testing With the Closed Community Group

Long time no see (seems like a whole week)! Let’s tell you what we did this week. The progress picture went away for repair, but we’ll get it back soon (and add new categories).

Yes, we realize that we have delayed a little bit with the release of the YF. But we’re advocates of the approach that it’s better to release a 100% finished product and make improvements than to be constantly repairing it. Just hoping for your understanding.

Here’s how we’re doing in each of the development areas.

  • Working on signature aggregation protocol (WIP).
  • Working on pool deployment script/app for operators (WIP);
  • Handel protocol within Spectrum Finance (WIP);
  • Researching for further arbitral bots support addition (WIP);
  • API description/improvements (WIP).
  • Updating cardano-analytics backend for streaming api (WIP);
  • New history UI/UX;
  • YF minor text bugs (WIP).
  • Stress tests for YF programs;
  • Community testing over weekend found some issues in bot, fixed.


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Spectrum Finance is an open source cross-chain DEX

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