Spectrum Finance Updates: Another Big Step for Big Accomplishments

Spectrum Finance
2 min readJun 21


Wow, just look at how much the development team has done in these two weeks. A lot of work has been done on Spectrum Network and Spectrum Finance on Cardano. Fewer words. Let’s get right to the point.

You’re going to love it:

🌐 Spectrum Network:

  • Implemented broadcasting mini-protocol. It helps in improving the overall network performance and reliability.
  • Integrated broadcasting into aggregation flow for better consistency and fault tolerance.
  • Interoperability model layout: master & foreign chain. It enables communication and interaction between different blockchain networks, allowing data and assets to be transferred or shared across chains.
  • Continue work on sigma-aggregation for the Byzantine case. Byzantine refers to a scenario where some nodes in the network may act maliciously or fail to follow the protocol (WIP).
  • Building authenticated persistent storage of AVL trees. This means ensuring the integrity and security of the data stored in these trees, even in the face of potential attacks (WIP).

🤖 Spectrum Finance on Cardano:

🛠 Backend:

  • Analytics API v1 for Cardano AMM;
  • Reward distribution system for LBSP (you can find out more about the LBSP in this thread)(WIP);
  • Cardano AMM off-chain execution bots (Testing);

📜 Docs: refactoring Cardano off-chain execution bots documentation. The existing documentation is being revised and improved to provide better clarity.

🎨 Frontend:

  • Fixed refund and deposit operation;
  • Fixed wrong fee calculation for the Swap operation;
  • Redesigned Liquidity pools page for LBSP event;
  • Minor UX bugs (WIP);
  • Order history UX (WIP);
  • All wallets integrations (Testing).

📄 New token lists are created:

Projects are welcome to add metadata for their tokens.

The best community is found here👇🏼


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