Spectrum Finance Updates: Cardano Mainnet is Just Around the Corner

Spectrum Finance
2 min readJun 7


Take a close look at our progress bar. The launch of the Cardano mainnet is just around the corner!

The most recent updates from Spectrum Finance development team are awaiting you in this article.

Let’s go!

🌐 Spectrum Network:

  • Sigma-aggregation is now fully tested for the non-Byzantine, 100% threshold case. Currently, testing is being conducted to ensure its functionality in Byzantine settings, where faulty or malicious behavior may occur.
  • Elliptic Curve Verifiable Random Function (ECVRF): ECVRF is a cryptographic function that has been implemented in the network. It generates random values that can be publicly verified as authentic. This functionality adds an extra layer of security to the network’s operations.
  • Implemented the lottery function for selection validators committees members and committees leaders based on the ECVRF evaluation results. The selection process is based on the evaluation results of the ECVRF. This ensures fairness and randomness in the selection of individuals responsible for validating transactions and leading committees.

🤖 Spectrum Finance on Cardano:

  • Prepared AMM bots/node/explorer. These components facilitate decentralized trading and provide information about the market and liquidity.

🎨 Frontend on Cardano:

  • Fixed change computing in transaction builder.
  • Fixed Cardano transaction math.

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