Spectrum Finance Updates: Cardano Public Testnet Launch, Polishing EIP-40

You know that we have been preparing for the launch of the Cardano Testnet for a very long time. We already launched it at the beginning of May 2022, but faced some problems. Our plans were to solve all the issues and relaunch it, but Vasil Hardfork made its own adjustments and the work was delayed.

We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the private Cardano testnet stage and are have launched it publicly today! This is an important step in the development of Spectrum Finance.

In addition, a lot of work is being done in other areas. Recently, our team has grown by several members who we will tell you about in a seperate update. They are really talented specialists who will help our project to scale and grow faster.

  1. Go to Spectrum Finance DEX;
  2. Install a wallet (we recommend to use Eternl);
  3. Switch it to the «Preview testnet»;
  4. Request tADA;
  5. You are ready for testing!

This is where we stand on current development:

Development Progress #10

🌐 Spectrum Network

  • Implemented Sync protocol handler;
  • Testing P2P network and fixing observed bugs. Currently nodes successfully establish connections, request sync protocol but fail to complete substream (yamux) negotiation process properly, working on it atm.

🔁 Spectrum Finance

💎 Core

🪙SPF Token

  • Tokenomics approved and preparation for launch (WIP).

🛠 Backend and 🎨 Frontend

  • The backend and frontend of the Cardano public testnet are done.

We will continue to work on the SPF token and start preparing the DEX for launch on Cardano mainnet. We are working on the network in order to launch our cross-chain DEX as fast as possible.


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