Spectrum Finance Updates: Getting Closer to the SPF Token Release

Hello again!

Every day we are getting closer to the release of the long-awaited SPF token. This week we will begin revealing the first details: airdrop cohorts, blockchain distribution and more.

The public testnet on Cardano is going great! It is still too early to talk about the upcoming mainnet, but we are confidently moving towards it.

🌐 Spectrum Network

🔁 Spectrum Finance

💎 Core

  • ChainSync impl for Ergo. A service that provides its consumers with a stream of chain upgrades, where ChainUpgrade = RollForward(Block) | RollBackward(Block). This allows to implement off-chain services that can sync with the chain and handle forks in a very straightforward way (https://github.com/spectrum-finance/spectrum-offchain-ergo).

🪙 SPF Token

  • Preparing the infrastructure for issuing tokens (WIP);
  • Preparing informative articles and guides (WIP).

🛠 Backend and 🎨 Frontend

🐞 Bugs fixed

  • Fixed Cardano fees display;
  • Fixed Cardano operation validation.

You will find the latest information about our news and updates on our Twitter, and in our Telegram Community and Discord you can discuss it with other like-minded people. We recommend subscribing so you don’t miss anything. There will be a lot more news soon😏


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