Spectrum Finance Updates: SPF IDO Contribution Phase

Spectrum Finance
2 min readFeb 8


Welcome to weekly Progress Update!

SPF IDO contribution phase starts very soon! The link has not been changed:

👉 https://ido.spectrum.fi

Yield Farming is ready, but we definitely need to check everything before launching this important feature.

  • Working on protocol specification and white paper.

On Ergo:

  • Remove completed compounding orders from backlog;
  • Keep LM bot in sync with contracts and testing on new pools (WIP);
  • Backlog resilience testing (WIP);
  • Creating integration testing framework for LM bot (WIP);
  • Fixed compounding of the last epoch of LM program.

On Cardano:

  • Handling errors during tx sending (WIP);
  • Redeem operation support (WIP).

Ergo analytics v2 (WIP):

  1. Implemented mempool scanning for user orders. User gonna see his orders as far as it appears in mempool.
  2. Implemented new user history API. New load and search engines.
  • Fee UI improvements;
  • IDO public contribution fixes;
  • SPF execution fee (WIP).

Once again, let’s insert the link with our IDO so you’re sure to remember to check it: https://ido.spectrum.fi


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