Spectrum Finance: Yield Farming Launch and Cardano Mainnet (soon)

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2 min readMay 10


It’s updatesday, dudes!🐸

A lot has happened in the last two weeks. We launched the long-awaited Yield Farming on Ergo. We also closed the testnet on Cardano. You know what this means (we are a few steps away from the mainnet).

Besides this, many other events happened, which we will tell you about in this article.

🌐 Spectrum Network:

  • Integration testing for sigma-aggregation. The team is currently working on this task to ensure that the sigma-aggregation functionality functions smoothly and as intended (WIP);
  • Research on optimizing communication between validators. The goal is to optimize and improve the efficiency of communication protocols used by validators (WIP).

🔁 Spectrum Finance on Ergo:

  • The YF (Yield Farming) feature has been launched on the Ergo blockchain! Try it now: https://app.spectrum.fi/ergo/farm
  • Fixed last bugs in YF bot and pool-deployment app to allow for YF launch. The development team has resolved the remaining issues and bugs in the YF bot and pool-deployment application. These fixes were necessary to ensure a smooth and successful launch of the YF feature.
  • Funding box enhancement to allow parallel execution of compounding transactions for separate pools. The aim is to enable the simultaneous execution of compounding transactions for different pools. This improvement will enhance the overall efficiency and convenience of the funding box feature (WIP).

🛠 Backend (Cardano):

  • Added APR (Annual Percentage Rate) metrics. These metrics provide valuable information about the annualized return on investment for users on the Cardano.

🛠 Backend (Ergo):

  • Minor bugs and performance API fixes;
  • YF API optimisations.

🎨 Frontend (Cardano):

  • Transactions buildings and validation. It involves assembling transaction details and ensuring their legitimacy before they are executed (WIP);

🎨 Frontend (Ergo):

  • Yield Farming display issues.

What is Spectrum?

We are building open-source ecosystem to bring completely decentralised cross-chain interoperability to the crypto space.


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