Spectrum Progress Update #1

🌐 Spectrum.Network

🔁 Spectrum.DEX

💎 Core

  • Cardano side contracts were migrated to Plutarch V2 and Plutus V2;
  • Cardano DEX SDK migrated to Babbage;
  • Cardano Off-chain Bots migrated to Babbage (https://github.com/ergolabs/cardano-dex-backend/pull/45);
  • Cardano Off-chain Bots were re-implemented as a monolith service (https://github.com/ergolabs/cardano-dex-backend/pull/46);
  • The Yield Farming (Liquidity Mining) feature for the Ergo side of the protocol was fully researched. Smart contracts are in progress;
  • The top secret feature for the SPF token launch is also in progress. It has the highest priority (after the Cardano dex launch, of course 😁).

🛠 Backend

  • We are adding support for versioned recording of contracts in ergo analytics service;
  • And we are adding support for recording off-chain operator rewards in ergo analytics;

🎨 Frontend

  • Reduced the application loading time from ~8–15 seconds to 1–4 seconds depending on your internet connection. On average, almost 3 times faster!
  • Swap query parameters. The swap form will not reset on page refresh. You can also share the pre-filled swap form with your friends using just a link;
  • A layout for the Yield Farming (Liquidity Mining) feature is done.

🐞 Bugs fixed

  • Transaction signing after a timeout. Previously, the interface created and saved a transaction regardless of whether an error occurred in the request or not, so when the next operation was performed, the user was prompted to sign the previous transaction. It won’t happen again;
  • The app will not crash by changing asset places in the swap form;
  • Wrong receiver when “refund”. A user could perform a swap that failed and got locked in the contract aka got stuck transaction. When he refunded the transaction, the funds went to a completely different wallet. That was fixed;
  • Now the UI displays pending transactions even if the transaction history wasn’t synced;
  • Small mobile UI fixes.

Other updates

  • Preparing all necessary technical stuff for the token launch. That’s all.

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